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To support the positive game day environment in and around our parking lots, we ask for all patron's help and cooperation. LAZ Parking and the Ann Arbor Public Schools reserve the right to dismiss patrons who do not abide by the Rules, Regulations, Codes, and Ordinances included below.


​The rules and regulations below are subject to change and are not applicable for all events at Ann Arbor Pioneer High School, these specific rules and regulations are outlined for the standard tailgating season for University of Michigan football games.

  • Gates open at 6am for games beginning between noon and 3:30pm and at 11am for evening games.  

  • LAZ Parking personnel will direct and coordinate all parking. Random at-will parking of vehicles is not allowed at any time. Failure to obey will result in revoked parking privileges and immediate dismissal from the property. LAZ Parking and AAPS maintain the sole right to determine utilization of all parking areas.  

  • Combustible fuel powered generators are not permitted under any circumstances. 

  • No propane or electric heating equipment is allowed inside any tent and must be at least 20 feet away from all structures. 

  • No open flames of any kind are permitted inside or within 20 feet of a tent. 

  • If you are unsatisfied with your parking arrangement, please notify a parking attendant immediately. Refunds will be issued at the discretion of LAZ Parking management. No refunds after kickoff. 

  • On game days with inclement or severe weather, Ann Arbor Public Schools will determine which areas are suitable for parking. 

  • Pre-paid customers will electronically receive a QR code which will need to be presented for entry. This can be presented from your cell phone or in a printed version. 

  • General parking passes are not assigned to specific lots and will be parked based on lot availability.  

  • Reserved passes must enter at the designated (nearest) gate for their assigned space. You can find designated gate entrances here. 

  • Parking Passes may not be shared, altered, or reproduced in any fashion. Once a pass has been presented for use it will automatically be recognized as validated and any attempt to use a reproduced version will not be accepted regardless of whether the 2nd user was the original purchaser or not. 

  • Patrons may not save parking places for other vehicles under any circumstances. 

  • You may NOT enter the parking areas prior to the times specified. Vehicles arriving early may not "stage" or wait in any lot without direction from parking staff. Violators may be denied parking access. 

  • Vehicles improperly parked are subject to towing at owner's expense. 

  • There are no in/out privileges. 

  • Socially unacceptable behavior or disrespect toward LAZ Parking staff or damage to Ann Arbor Public Schools Property will not be tolerated. In such instances, you may be denied parking privileges and directed to leave the property immediately. 

  • The State of Michigan and the Board of Education of the Ann Arbor Public Schools endorse an alcohol and tobacco free school zone.  Possession of open intoxicants, the consumption of alcoholic beverages and use of tobacco products or any illegal substance is prohibited on Ann Arbor Public Schools property. 

  • LAZ Parking provides portable toilets, including handicap accessible portable toilets, at various locations throughout Pioneer grounds for use by all patrons. Portable toilets marked “private” are for private parties only. To preserve the health, safety, and welfare of our patrons, public urination and/or defecation is strictly prohibited and, if observed, will be reported to authorities. 

  • Personal portable or camping toilets are not permitted under any circumstances. LAZ Parking reserves the right to dismiss patrons found with these setups from the property. 

  • The discharge of any wastewater on to school district property is prohibited per the Ann Arbor Public Schools Storm Water Management Plan. A minimum fee of $2,500 will be imposed on anyone illegally discharging.  

  • Pet owners must immediately pick up after their pets. All pets must be leashed and supervised. 

  • Advertising banners and signage may not be displayed, nor may promotional, fundraising, or political materials be sold or distributed on the Pioneer High School site. LAZ Parking reserves the right to dismiss patrons found in violation of this policy 

  • Tailgate setups (tents, chairs, games, etc.) may not impede traffic/pedestrian lanes or parked vehicles. Tents may not exceed 10x10 and may not be permitted in certain parking areas. LAZ Parking is not responsible for damage to tailgate setups or any personal or property damage. We reserve the right to shut down tailgate setups if they are determined to be in violation of our policy or a potential danger to other patrons. 

  • No drones allowed  

  • You are expected to keep your parking site clean. Use the blue barrel trash receptacles provided or take your trash with you. Please report any barrel dumping to a LAZ Parking staff member. We need your help and cooperation in keeping the site clean and enjoyable for everyone. 

  • Please note: By purchasing, clicking the “OK” button upon checkout, and utilizing a game day parking pass, you are relieving the U of M, AAPS and LAZ Parking from any and all damages, injuries, fire and lost or stolen property to any vehicle or its contents.  



  • Roads and pathways must be unobstructed and provide a width of at least 20 feet for emergency service access.

  • Tents must be placed at least 20 feet from lot lines, buildings, parked vehicles, internal combustion engines, and/or generators. 

  • Tents are defined as; any portable shelter of canvas, plastic, or the like, supported by one or more poles or a frame and often secured by ropes fastened to the ground. 

  • Tents must be anchored for potential inclement and severe weather.

  • Tents over 400 square feet require a permit from the city of Ann Arbor.

  • No open flame devices inside or within 20 feet of a tent. 

  • No flammable or combustible liquids/materials or gas inside or within 20 feet of tent. 

  • No propane heaters are allowed inside tents, canopies, and membrane structures. 

  • All electric heating equipment must be installed and vented under the International Mechanical Code. 

  • All electric heaters must plug directly to an approved outlet, cannot be plugged into an extension cord, and must be at least 3 feet away from all combustibles (including any gas-powered vehicles). 

  • Verbatim and categorized information by code can be found here. 

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